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by Alain Stock.


Voici le tout dernier Interview (mai 2000 / in may 2000 !) donné par Simon Bonney et envoyé par e-mail à ma modeste personne (hum hum). Il s’explique notamment sur le hiatus temporel entre ‚Everyman‘, le deuxième lp sorti en 1995 et maintenant…

Dear Alain,

I have sent you a copy of ‚Eyes Of Blue‘ which should reach you shortly.

Here are the answers to some of your questions.

1)Q. What have I been doing?

A. I’ve been bringing up my two children and that has occupied a lot of my time. Both time with them and

time spent working to support them. In ’96 I worked as a big-rig truck driver more recently as a film

technician. I directed a short film which won me entrance into The American Film Institute’s Center For

Advanced Film And Television Studies – Directors Course. I hope to begin the course in September if I

am able to secure a scholarship to offset the cost of the course. as to music I ‚ve all but finished my new

record ‚Eyes Of Blue‘. The bulk of the record was recorded between ’96-’98.All of it in Detroit at the

Tempermill Studios with local Detroit musicians, Bronwyn and guests Jim White of ‚The Dirty Three‘ and

Chuck Prophet of ‚Green On Red‘ playing on a few tracks each. In my opinion it is by far my best solo

work and equal to my best work with ‚Crime‘. I hope to release ‚Eyes Of Blue‘ later this year and tour both

the US and Europe. I have also been writing music for film and television. Among the projects I contributed

to were: Northern Exposure, MTV-RoadHog, Alison Ander’s ‚SugarTown‘, Roger Christian’s ‚Underworld’and

Agnieszk Holland’s ‚The Third Miracle‘. Most recently I am negotiating to do the soundtrack to a Burt

Reynolds film. If it goes through I hope to use the same band that recorded ‚Eyes Of Blue

2 Q. Looking for a place to live.

A. I’ve lived in L.A. longer than anywhere since was a child. This was a place to rest, to concentrate

for a while on other things. A time to reflect on how much I needed to play music or if I needed to move on

to something else. I found both to be true. I am moving into directing and writing films but I also

find that i need to be making music too. Music is still very important to me, maybe more so because I’ve

been away from it this last few years.

3 Q. About Berlin, Wien and L.A.

A. I think you have all the places I’ve lived on your list. You know about L.A. from what I’ve just

told you. The other important ones are Berlin for obvious reasons, Wien because I sat in room there for

three months and wrote the words to ‚Paradise Discotheque‘ which are my favorite ‚Crime‘ lyrics

and my favorite ‚Crime‘ record. Tasmania is also a big source of inspiration. It is very remote mountain

country on the island at the southern most tip of Australia. I spent a lot of time there working on my

families farm. It had and still does have a huge influence on my work and is probably why I’ve always

had an interest in country music.

4 Q. Was I a Punk Rocker ?

A. Not in any U.K. way but I was very influenced by the 70’s New York bands: Television, Richard hell,

Ramones, Talking Heads etc. My first band which was called ‚Crime And The City Solution‘ too had a

standard line up and a sax player. we played long free form songs that were probably most influenced by David

Bowie’s ‚Low‘, ‚Station To Station‘ and ‚Heroes, Eno’s ‚Here Come The Warm Jets‘, ‚Taking Tiger

Mountain‘ and ‚Another Green World, all of the Velvet Underground and early Lou Reed records and

Television’s ‚Marquee moon‘.

best wishes Simon Bonney

Many thank to Simon Bonney and Joe Greenwald from thirdgear recods to transmit my interview by e-mail !

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